Jason Watson

The Dollar Shave Club Review

Jason Watson
The Dollar Shave Club Review
Together In Style Blog Post For The Dollar Shave Club

If you have been online lately, you have no doubt seen the ads about this new shave club that can save you loads of money. Interested, as most men are, I decided to check it out and see what the company and product was all about! This review will cover not only the product, but the experience itself. I also created a short film just for fun to go along with the review so check it out!


So I went to their website, The Dollar Shave Club after watching their ad on FaceBook. From here I have to say their website was pretty easy to navigate. From the main page you can easily find your way through to order and see all type of products they have to order. 

As a man, you know that you can easily, spend at least $18 a month for a pack of 4 cartridges of the good razors. But not at The Dollar Shave Club. This is what was so enticing for me as well as others. They have three different types of blades you can choose from. A $1 a month, 2 blade razor, a $6 a month 4 blade razor and their $9 a month "Executive" 6 blade razor! Being cheap and a skeptic, I decided to go with the $6 razor a give it a try! I also added the $8 "Shave Butter" I have seen them advertise, just to try it out! But they also have a list of other cool products you can check out. 

The razors you order, come on an auto ship plan. So every month, you automatically get a shipment of the razors your choose. I love this! It means less shaving with a painfully dull blade because I keep forgetting to get new blades (or because I'm too lazy to stop and fight a crowd for just razors). 

As far as shipping time goes, I ordered after hours on a Wednesday night and it arrived USPS on a Monday. I think they shipped out of KY and it was delivered to NC. Free shipping also, so I'm not complaining (I'm cheap too, OK).


As you can see in the video, all packaging was actually nice. They gave you some toilet reading material, a welcome to the club card and instructions (which I threw away cause let's face it, I'm a man and men don't read instructions). 


Holding the handle in my hands, you can tell these things are meant to last. If they don't, or if you want to have another one, you can purchase a second handle for $4 off their site. I was surprised at how heavy and solid it felt. I have been using other brands for a while now made with cheap plastic or light metal, so it felt good holding a sturdy, solid, well made handle in my... (Never mind)... 

The razors come in a cartridge pack as seen in the video. Nothing special about it really, except the witty saying "TP your neighbor's house, not your face". The handle plugs into the back of the razors just like many other brands of razors.

All items were in the box they shipped in. I must say also, I love their witty little comments they have wrapped around everything. From the outside of the shipping box to the instructions, they have clever little humorous tags to read.


I typically shave when I shower. However, to do the film, I (nor my wife), thought it to be a good idea to film, shower, and shave at the same time. We drop the camera and it's not so good. I drop the razor and... Well, you get the idea. I find that shaving in the shower cuts time and helps soothe the burn of shaving. The steam/heat, helps soften the facial hair making it even easier to shave. Plus I can wash my face afterwards. But anyways, I didn't. I did it the dry mirror way and without shaving gel. I used the shaving butter.


I must say the shaving butter was different than gel or foam. It felt similar to wiping my face with hair conditioner (yes I know what that feels like. It shaves better than soap, when you run out of gel, OK). It also gave a bit of a numbing or a slight tingling effect. I didn't feel any pulling of the razor while using the butter so that was a plus. While I didn't find it a shaving pleasure using the 4 bladed razor, it wasn't that bad either. One thing I did notice however, is afterward there was no burning. I usually get the burn after a shave having not shaved for three days, so that was a surprising pleasure I didn't expect. I would actually say, that provided I had to mirror shave again, I would choose the butter over the gel I commonly use. However, I do plan on using the butter in the shower to see if it compares to my gel.


The razors were much like any other razors as far as I could tell. They felt much like I remember other 4 blade razors feeling. One thing I loved about the razor itself is they are low profile, so you can easily get up against your nose. I know you have seen those guys walking around with a patch of face fur in that crease between their nose and their upper lip. That is generally because they either don't care, don't know they have it, or because they miss it because of the razor they use. I found these razors being so low profile, got right up in that crease, eliminating the need for the single blade in that area. 

While the 4 blade razor works and does well, I find myself asking if the "Executive" blades are even better?


I would and will use The Dollar Shave Club. I think I will try the "Executive", next round just to see what their "Top Blade" has to offer. With Christmas coming up soon, I think this is also an awesome gift idea that is not only cheap (YES!!!), but very useful! With the price of these blades and the price of the competition, I think it's a no brainer. Even their top blades are half the price of the competition, not to mention it is shipped directly to your door! Leaving your time free to do other things, like that "Honey Do" list that is piling up...

While I run my own media business, nFocus Pictures, I am also a full time police officer and team member of TIS. My focus in life is pretty simple. God, Family and Country! And yes, in that order!