Jason Watson

What's Happend To Our Manners?!

Jason Watson
What's Happend To Our Manners?!
Airport Manners


Is it something that is a thing of the past? Do parents no longer teach the morals and mannerisms to respect the people around you? So many parents today tell people that it's none of others business how they raise their children. This is the opposite of the older mentality that is takes a village to raise child. To put it plainly, I like the older adage better! I think it is clear in todays society and attitude among the younger generations, and even adults, that manners seem to be a thing of the past. As a father, this is something I struggle to understand daily… This isn't a new problem of course. Increasingly since my youth I've noticed a drop off in the interaction between people with regards to being polite and respecting, not only other peoples feelings, but even their personal space. 

I live in North Carolina, but travel regulary to the Northeast. On a recent trip to visit my family up north, I traveled by plane. As always, I stand awaiting my zone to be called to board. I was standing off to the side with plenty of room to pass on my right, alongside a few other patient people in front of me, who were also waiting. While I standing there, I can’t count how many times people bumped into me to get closer to the gate to stand and wait to board. No “pardon me” or “excuse me” was ever offered by the passing people. Now in the South where I am from, we have this thing called southern hospitality. To bump into someone and not say anything or to outright walk through people is a great way to get into a physical altercation (nice way of saying fight, or as we say, a knock down drag out). In my experience it alway seems that there are a lot more people are outwardly nicer, approachable, and considerate in the South where I live than in the Northeast. But as I think back, there are subtle things about southern hospitality that are slowly slipping away, and this airport experience was a testiment to that. 

I have had this conversation with family several times. Especially, with my brothers, who moved from NC. to Connecticut recently and they seem to agree that CT living and mannerisms are very different than the South. While I was in a shopping area during my recent Ct visit, I did just like we do in the South. I greeted people as I passed them, either with a head nod, or saying, “Hey”. Funny thing was, out of the 20 or so I passed during this experiment, I think maybe only one of them did anything to acknowledge my greeting. I couldn’t believe it! People were just in this “me” mentality the whole time, which is exactly to my point. This happens not just in the greeting of one another, but even in other areas such as driving, customer service and simply talking.

My Family and Children…

People tell my wife and I how well mannered and behaved our children are. While I like comments about our parenting, I can’t help but wonder, Shouldn’t all children and society behave well and be well mannered? Why is it so uncommon that people notice, when they are around well mannered people and children? Think about it, if all kids were well mannered, no one would hear that compliment because it would be so common. 

Whats The Issue???

Is this an issue with the advancement of social media or communication on the internet in which you only communicate with others via text and what they read ? Is it a lack of emotional conversation and response? Different parenting? Maybe it just simply not caring about others…???

What’s Your Take On This Topic?

While I run my own media business, nFocus Pictures, I am also a full time police officer and team member of TIS. My focus in life is pretty simple. God, Family and Country! And yes, in that order!