Wedding First Dance Advice...

Wedding First Dance Advice...
wedding first dance tips

Extra time allowed Charles Maring to step outside the doors to capture this gorgeous, un-staged, and award winning first dance photograph while standing in the rain to do it. Location: Wedding at Wadsworth Mansion in Connecticut. 
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Expert Advice... Dance the Entire Song during your first dance...

For many couples a lot of thought goes into choosing an appropriate song for their first dance. For some it's an easy choice, and for others it can be more challenging. There are also a wide variety of personalities out there in the world. Some couples are more shy wishing not to be the center of attention, while others bask in the glory of the moment.

However, this solid advice fits all personalities in the long run. When planning your first dance make sure to plan to dance the entire song through. If you are shy it can be tempting to invite guests onto the dance floor during your dance, but in doing so you are probably missing out on better photographs and videos of this meaningful moment.

Simply put, photographers and video artists generally need to focus on getting the "go to" shot first rather than the over the top creative shot because they know that if guests are about to crowd the dance floor there isn't time to spare. By cutting your dance short you end up with "good photographs" of your first dance. But, by extending your dance till the end you are giving your artists time to step outside the box and think creatively about this special moment. Often this can yield spectacular photographs that are magazine worthy as now they have time to go beyond the standard or traditional close up or full length. 

Here are a few examples of magic moments that we have been able to capture simply due to the fact that we had time to get the standard, but also to get creative...

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Rainbow Room Wedding NYC
Charles Maring is a photographer and filmmaker at Maring Visuals, and a co-host / creator of the Together In Style talk show.