Wedding Ceremony Ideas and Tips

Photography and Video by Maring Visuals

Wedding Ceremonies, Photography, and Video

There are endless styles of wedding ceremonies from traditional to modern, outdoor to indoor, and religious or just spiritual. Chances are if you are taking the time to make this a meaningful moment in your life together, then you want it captured in photographs and on video.

In the video above and text below we lay out a few simple tips for making sure your experience in this moment is the best it can be, and that your wedding photographs and video are truly magnificent.

When it comes to video chances are your video artist will use tripods, and rightfully so. You will want to enjoy your video without feeling drunk from camera shake, and tripods are the best way to stabilize your footage. Placement of tripods is critical to the footage, but it's also critical to your personal experience, the experience of your guests, and the effect it has on your photographers ability to capture the moment as well.

We, as photographers and filmmakers ourselves, hear stories on a regular basis about failed experiences that wedding couples have when it comes to their photography and video. It's truly hard to believe that in this day and age, with all the information we have at our fingertips, that there could be a negative experience to be had. But, believe us... It's probably worse now than ever before.

In the age of digital, everyone is taking pictures, and many deem themselves semi-professional when it comes to photography. That may indeed be the case, but weddings are that rare event that requires a photographer and video artist of not only great skill, but also great manners, respect, and discipline... Which, brings us to tip #1...

1. Make sure whomever you hire has manners, respect, and discipline...

Seems logical that nobody in their right mind would be disrespectful during a religious ceremony, but just ask any priest, Rabi, or justice of the peace and they will surely have a story or two to share. Ask questions related to the ceremony and the artists beliefs and practices when it comes to capturing the ceremony. Just how unobtrusive are they? Do they work from the back of the ceremony at a distance or up close? Do they use tripods? If so, will they be placed in an unobtrusive place? We say this because we've worked with many video artists that place a tripod center aisle up close, and stand behind it, blocking the view from the photographer and your guests. It's important to know what you are getting yourself into, so ask questions related to their ceremony etiquette. 

2. Find out if there are restrictions on photography and video...

Because of the actions of disrespectful photographers or video artists, many churches, synagogues, and even venues have restrictions on where photographers and videographers can stand or have tripods. Generally speaking artists can work from the back of the ceremony, but often not physically on the alter. If you are envisioning close up photographs of your vows from the front, then you need to know this in advance so that you can discuss this with the person performing your ceremony and your artists as well. 

3. Don't get out of the car....

Your photographer and videographer will want to capture your arrival. If you don't see them ready to capture the moment it's best to wait as they are either capturing details inside, or making sure everything is perfect for you to walk down the aisle. Worst case scenario, send a friend or family member in to get them, but don't miss this moment as it looks beautiful on film.

4. Include friends and family...

Beyond your bridal party and immediate family, chances are you're close to distant aunts, uncles, cousins, high school or college friends. Your ceremony is a great time to include these people and make them feel special.

5. Write your own wedding vows...

We highly suggest that you write your own vows, read a special poem, or say something meaningful. This is your one and only opportunity to profess your love on your wedding day in public. It adds to the heartfelt emotion that you, and your guests feel in that moment. It also has the ability to make a huge impact on your wedding film as it gives your videographer a meaningful voiceover to wrap the film around.

Ceremony photographs by Maring Visuals

Charles Maring is a photographer and filmmaker at Maring Visuals, and a co-host / creator of the Together In Style talk show.