BVI Sailing Vacation Day 2

Photography and Video by Maring Visuals

Bareboat Charters in the BVI

This post is day two of 7 posts we are created surrounding our Sunsail Sailing Vacation in the British Virgin Islands. Today we leave the Sunsail base in Road Town Tortola and head out to do some snorkeling at The Indians and spend the night at The Bight Cove at Norman Island. Below we share some information via the Together In Style Travel Edition Talk Show as well as more details below in text and photographs.

The Indians...

A rock formation just off the coast of Norman Island can be reached within a couple of hours sailing from Tortola. It's a great mid-day stop as there are daytime moorings available for pickup. The Indians are an ideal stop to get some snorkeling, swimming, or diving in as there are plenty of colorful fish and coral heads as well.

Norman Island...

Norman Island is just a stones throw away from The Indians, and the Bight is a quite cove that is very well protected and a perfect spot to spend the night. The island is privately owned, uninhabited, and has some interesting history, which includes stories of pirates and hidden treasure as well. You can pick up a national park mooring if you arrive in the early afternoon, and you can anchor in this cove if you must.

Just outside The Bight Cove are some national park day moorings. These moorings are perfect if you want to spend some time snorkeling in the caves just off the western side of Norman Island. Otherwise, this quiet cove is great for chilling, swimming, and having lunch on board the boat as well. For those that are adventurous and like to party you can dinghy over to Willie T's, which is a well known Pirate Ship / Bar. With music pumping and cocktails flowing your sure to have fun, and those daring enough often jump from the upper decks into the crystal blue water to cool off on hot days.

There is a restaurant ashore called The Pirate's Bight, and although the name has changed a couple of times over the years the food has always been fantastic and the menu offers everything from fresh fish, chicken, and some incredible barbecue ribs as well. Late night the party kicks up a few notches and the island music makes for some fun dancing. You should call ahead on the radio or stop in to make a reservation for dinner. There are great views of the stars on the beach where you can get away from the party if you just want to relax.

In our next post we will be up early and sailing out from Norman Island all the way to The Baths on the western side of Virgin Gorda. It's a long sail taking several hours so if you plan to go that far you need to get up around sunrise to make it. We will follow that sail up by spending the evening at Marina Cay just off the west side of Tortola. We hope you will join us on our journey, and keep an eye out for our next BVI post here on Together In Style.

Below is a photo gallery of some of the moments from our first day at sea, and locations around Tortola, Norman Island, and The Indians.

Charles Maring is a photographer and filmmaker at Maring Visuals, and a co-host / creator of the Together In Style talk show.