5 Tips for Rainy Day Weddings

Photography and  Video by Maring Visuals

We've posted before about rainy day weddings, but in this post we take the concept in a new direction in order to share a few solid tips and ideas for your special day. Rain, Wind, Snow, or Shine you will have to say I DO at some point, so here is some advice based on years of wedding experience right alongside couples as a photographer and filmmaker.

1. Expect the best but prepare for the worst

Every couple watches the weather leading up to their big day. But, if it's likely to rain on your wedding you should start planning ahead. Pick up some umbrellas, and the larger the better, because you will both need to fit underneath.

2. Keep it fashionable

Back to the umbrellas again... Simple black or white umbrellas work very well in photographs. You could also consider umbrellas that match your bridesmaids dresses as well. However, stay away from busy patterns, and corporate logos as it takes away from your fashion.

3. Tented Weddings

If you are planning an outdoor wedding in a tent, you should watch the weather even closer. If you see definitive rain in the forecast get your tent up early, and have the tent carpeted. There is nothing worse than mud, white dresses, or high heals. They don't mix.

4. Think of your guests

We were recently photographing a wedding in nyc when a thunderstorm rolled through just as the bride exited the church. Good luck finding taxis on the side streets in a rain storm! Make sure you purchase some extra umbrellas for guests and family if there is a chance the weather may turn.

5. Embrace the weather

"There is something sexy about the rain..." _Kenny Chesney.... Wind, rain, or snow, embrace the weather and make it a point not to allow it to get you down. Some of the most romantic weddings we've captured have been in some wild weather. If you allow it, the weather can be your best visual asset and a character in your story, and if captured right it produces some of the most beautiful memories.

Photograph Locations
Winter Wedding at Saint Clements Castle, Portland CT
Top Umbrella Photograph at The Hillstead Museum in Farmington, CT
Bottom Umbrella Photograph on the beach in Cape Cod
All others taken in The Hamptons, NY

Charles Maring is a photographer and filmmaker at Maring Visuals, and a co-host / creator of the Together In Style talk show.