Weddings -Engagement Portraits - How to make them great

Photographs and Video by Maring Visuals

Engagement Portraits 

Engagement portraits are a great way to kick off the wedding celebration. They not only give you time and experience in front of the camera with your chosen photographer, but there a multitude of ways to utilize your engagement photographs as well. So, in the video above we share some ideas and moments from our own personal journey as a couple, as well as some tips to make sure you have everything you need to know to make your engagement portrait session special.

Here are 5 great tips to make the most of your engagement session

1. Location Matters

There are several ways to make your portraits special and one of them is to choose a meaningful location . Rather than just a random pretty place, you can opt to have your portraits taken in a place that you have some history. Ideas such as; the neighborhood you live in in NYC, a cottage you spent time in growing up by the ocean, the place he proposed to you, on your sailboat, motorcycle, cabin in Aspen, etc... When you make the location special it brings back memories years down the road of this time in your life.

2. Do something you have never done before

Another idea for great engagement portraits is to do something you have never done before and capture it on film. We've captured couples, with varying skills, ice skating in Central Park in the winter months, or prior to a date to the symphony, etc... Choosing to do something fresh and new, and having photographs captured of the activity or day of, leaves you with a meaningful memory of that special occasion and a story to tell all.

3. Go on a date to you favorite hangout

Everybody has their personal things that bring them comfort. Do you have a restaurant, pub, cafe, or neighborhood that has special meaning? Have a photographer join you for a glass of wine in the window of your special place or at your favorite winery.

4. Dress the part

If you haven't done engagement portraits yet, then make sure to dress the part. Not only does it equal much more fashionable photographs, but being playful and having fun with it is what it is all about! It's your chance to be fashionable and share your personal sense of style.

5. Make it count

It can be tempting to get a disc of images and never have them printed. High quality printed photographs and books are modern luxuries that have personal value, not just monetary value. Work with your photographer to create something special in print. Nobody ever regrets doing it right, and getting a gorgeous keepsake that is yours to have and hold forever is the best thing you can take away from this time in your lives.

Charles Maring is a photographer and filmmaker at Maring Visuals, and a co-host / creator of the Together In Style talk show.