Beam with Optimism


Even in uncertain times... Beam with Optimism


We have decided to put some energy into growing our youTube channel as a way to communicate deeper with our community. We've been creating a vlog / webseries for the past year called "Our Reel LIfe", and YouTube has been feeding our blog videos here for a while, but we hadn't focused on building YouTube subscribers at all. We've been having fun creating our Vlog because it captures our lives, and when we binge watch we get to look back at our year in amazement of how much we accomplish. Time flies by in the creative fast lane, and we live in a whirlwind, so capturing it is a must. Imagine how meaningful this will be to us personally in 20 years!

Every business book you pick up says "you are the brand", and it's true. We've tried to grow our studio several times, but at the end of the day clients want to work with us personally, and there is no way around that. We are perfectly fine with that because for us it's not business, it's personal, and we are proud to be the face of our work. Our vlog is a way for past clients and friends to keep up with our journey, as well as a way for potential clients to get to know us up close and personal, and see that we really care about the work that we do. We are a couple that is beaming with optimism, so you won't see fights and drama because that isn't who we are as people. We have our moments, but everyone knows that we get along famously because we are working towards a common goal. We want to inspire the best in people, and help to bring out their inner creative.

We are just now starting to focus on growing our subscribers because there is a lot of creative fun to be had on YouTube, and we can't deny that it's the only social platform left that isn't pay to play. The fun part of creating art is sharing, and YouTube is a fantastic way we can share and grow without paying for advertising or boosted posts like on Facebook and Instagram. We've been working those platforms for a while, but it seems like wasted time because if we aren't willing to cough up money our posts just don't get seen. (More on those tests and our experience in a later post)

So, this week as I was creating our new YouTube Channel Trailer it had me thinking about our careers, how long we've been at it, and how excited we are about the NOW of the photography and video industries. Our industry has been punched in the face with disruption, and success in imaging is undeniably more complicated than it's ever been, and yet we see possibilities everywhere we turn. Navigating possibilities can be overwhelming in some ways, but one thing we have learned in the business of art is that all things are possible, and we intend to find a way. We've brought many dreams to fruition all with optimism and a elbow grease, and we have no plan to stop anytime soon.

The truth is YouTube is a point of frustration at the moment, and it isn't easy to build up subscriber counts. We know that growing on YouTube isn't about creating beautiful content. Some of the biggest names on YouTube don't have what we would call "beautiful content." Rather, it's about catering to YouTube's algorithm and focusing on trending topics that get found in search. So, we know we have to find a way to weave their search algorithm into some of our videos, titles, and descriptions. With that said, we would love to hear from you what we could do to better serve you on YouTube, so we hope you will subscribe, comment, and be a part of this journey with us. We want to create a channel that inspires others to live life their own way. Our channel trailer definitely beams with optimism, and there are plenty reasons why...

Optimism is what makes you get up at 4am and start painting on a canvas. It's what makes you pick up the phone and call potential clients that you feel you could represent best. Optimism is what makes you take financial risks that you probably shouldn't, or at least your friends wouldn't. It's what makes you take advantage of beautiful light on the beach when everyone else just watches the sun sunset. Optimism is what your clients love about you, and why they want to be around you. It's also what helps you to take action in the direction of your dreams. I could go on for hours...

The truth is, beaming with optimism isn't that hard when you are following your heart, and doing it your way. I'm not saying it's easy, I am just saying that when you decide to trust yourself and chase your own individual dream if feels good, and even in the tough times optimism + hard work will find a way. We don't have it all figured out... We are charting into the unknown everyday. But we truly believe that it's at all of our fingertips. You just have to go create it. So join us, and let's all make it happen... Together In Style.

Charles Maring is a photographer and filmmaker at Maring Visuals, and a co-host / creator of the Together In Style talk show.