Creative Journey



We create our Vlog in hopes to inspire others to get out there and start a creative journey of their own because there is so much enjoyment that comes for the creation of art, photography, music, and fashion.

On the music front the band, O.R.B. (Outside Reality Band) is progressing quickly with 6 songs written. However, now the work begins. Writing songs is fun, but learning them and perfecting the parts is complex, and a lot of work. You are hearing a rehearsal in this chapter, but the song may not even make the cut when all is said and done. 

On the fine art and fashion front with Charlee Fine Art Fashions, we have some cool new New York Inspired T-Shirts available, and you can see that I wear them proudly. They are made in America, and the fit incredibly well.

Filmed and created by Maring Visuals
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Shot on the Lumix GH4, GX85, and GX8
Studio Lighting by Profoto

On the photography front, Jennifer is in the middle of a personal project called "The Kindness Project". We are also meeting with lots of engaged couples this time of year as there is always a lot of proposals during the holiday season. We are also celebrating our own anniversary in a couple of weeks, so it was fun to pull out our own wedding album.

We spend all of our waking hours in the creative zone, and we hope that in some way our sharing inspires you to take action. We all have something artistic to bring to the world, and besides it's not about the destination. Rather it's about personal growth and the enjoyment of the creative journey.




Charles Maring is a photographer and filmmaker at Maring Visuals, and a co-host / creator of the Together In Style talk show.