OUR REEL LIFE Web Series - Episode 7 "ENVISAGE"
An unscripted web show, starring Charles and Jennifer Maring, that takes you behind the scenes of their creative journey as a married couple who make their living as artists.

Photography and Video by Maring Visuals
Filmed on the Lumix GH4

You are looking at two tired artists! We are exhausted, but never to tired to dream. In episode 7, Envisage, we just wrapped up a double wedding weekend, followed by two back to back full day photo-shoots on Tuesday and Wednesday. Now we are starving, and on our way to New Haven to get some dinner at Elm City Social.  


LEGGINGS - Limited Edition Wearable Art COMING SOON

LEGGINGS - Limited Edition Wearable Art

As creatives we never stop exploring the possibilities, and are excited to share some glimpses of what is to come, things that are happening now, and remembrances of fun times. We just designed our first collection of fashions in the form of wearable art, and our prototypes are on the way.

Charles' oil paintings are the inspiration for this creative project, and we have manipulated them digitally to create fine art remixes, which will be available as canvas wall art prints, and limited edition creative fashions made to order with delivery to your door within 3 weeks. We adore this because art becomes deeper when you see a multitude of ways to share it with the world. We look forward to sharing, and getting feedback on the designs you like best.


Jennifer just did the most precious first birthday photo-shoot, and created a lovely book for our client for the party. It's a guest book for the baby printed on a beautiful pearlized paper, giving mom, dad, grandparents, siblings, aunts, and uncles an opportunity to share a heartfelt message with the baby. This is something that they will surely appreciate years down the road. Photography is the gift that just keeps giving year after year, and it's part of why we are so passionate about capturing the lives of our families and clients.


Charles and Jennifer Maring giving a Keynote Speech at an technology and Imaging Conference in Cologe, Germany

Charles and Jennifer Maring giving a Keynote Speech at an technology and Imaging Conference in Cologe, Germany

This past winter we were honored to give a keynote speech in Germany at an imaging and technology conference on 4K Video, Light Field Camera Technology from Lytro, content creation, and the importance of re-invention, leadership, and momentum of so many creative industries.

We had the opportunity to stay a few extra days so we hopped a train to Amsterdam. We suppose controversy makes good PR as we heard so many mixed opinions about the city. Personally we enjoyed it as it reminded us of the quaintest parts of NYC.

We adored this creative city, which is both modern and historical. It's filled with creativity and art museums, and we found it to be wonderfully romantic even in the winter. We will surely go back again soon to explore the city further.

Want to see more of Amsterdam, and our visit?

Click here to see a fashionable night time film.
Click here and join us in a stop motion film as we bounce around the city.

Well it's 5:42 am, and we have been up since 2:30 am working on post production. So, it's a late one. The rest of the day is full of work as well. Time to get some coffee before the sun comes up. Cheers to the creative life, and those that just keep dreaming!

Charles Maring is a photographer and filmmaker at Maring Visuals, and a co-host / creator of the Together In Style talk show.