Fine Art Fashion Interview with the Artists
Charlee fine art is everyday fashions produced from the original oil paintings of Charles Maring

Charlee fine art is everyday fashions produced from the original oil paintings of Charles Maring

Charles Maring Turns Art into Fashion

We are so excited for the launch of our new Charlee Fine Art Fashion line, and this week we got our first break as we were interviewed on CT Style on Channel 8 WTNH, where we got to share our story along with a few of our fashions, my paintings, and some of our thoughts on the fashion industry.

Charles and Jennifer Maring on CT Style

The first question was a real zinger asking... "What do you think is wrong with the fashion industry?" I would love to elaborate on that a little because I really don't think that there is anything really wrong with the industry... Well that is except for the fact that everyday wear is BORING as all hell:)

As a photographer for many years I've paid attention to what comes and goes, and unless you have an endless budget, original fashion is really hard to find. Even on the runway, it's pretty stagnate in many ways other than the bizarro runway looks that nobody actually wears. However, I love those bizarre looks even if they don't ever see the light of day as it evokes emotion, tells a story, and slaps us in the face with thought. The couture runway is where art truly meets fashion, but as soon as you leave the show, and hit the street your stuck right back in ordinary land.

Artist and Fashion Designers Charles and Jennifer Maring are turning the fashion world upside down after finding unique fashion designs from their own paintings.
— _CT Style

I don't dare to believe that I can change the woes of the fashion industry. Rather, I am simply enjoying the creative process and sharing what I dream up on canvas with the world in the form of wearable art. It's a labor of true love for me because I know that what I am creating is genuine, and that everyone who wears them is original and unique wherever they go.

While the trend in fashion has always been to look backwards, and bring back oldies but goody patterns and designs, I am excited to be looking forwards and doing something that is uniquely my own. I hope you enjoy what we are putting out. We have no idea where it will take us in the end, but it sure is fun to be breaking new ground and sharing art in a fresh new way.

Check out a quick gallery below of some of my latest designs, and visit for more details. We launched just 3 weeks ago, so the fun is just beginning as we have so much more in store as we reach beyond everyday wear into custom and couture looks that are bold and original.

Thanks to all who support these two dreamers!

Charles Maring is a photographer and filmmaker at Maring Visuals, and a co-host / creator of the Together In Style talk show.