Home Decorating for the Fall Holiday Season

Spruce Up Your Front Porch with Fall Inspired Home Decor ideas from Jennifer Maring

Seasonal home decorating is part of what makes a house feel like home, and for fall this year I decided to take on the front porch and create a festive look that would last from early October all the way through to Thanksgiving. Decorating a large space can feel overwhelming. So, instead of focusing on the big picture I found that if I just created little nooks, and added subtle details the plan was easy to execute. After all was said and done, the end result was worth the effort. Spending just a few hours on home decorating for the seasons and holidays makes a house more enjoyable. So, get inspired and make it happen with some simple tips below.

Photography and Video by MARING VISUALS
Created with Lumix GH4 Mirrorless Cameras

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Jennifer Maring is a photographer and video artist that has made creativity a lifestyle, and is a lead contributor to the Together In Style Website.