La La Land - Our Reel Life Vlog 33

La La Land - Our Reel Life Vlog 33

La La Land

Our Reel Life Vlog Chapter 33

We just went to see the Musical La La Land and loved it! Both Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were both remarkable, and the camera moves were simply out of this world.  

January is usually a slower month at our photography studio in Connecticut, which opens up opportunities for us to explore new technologies, and work on our own personal projects as well.

We have been focusing a lot of energy on testing out some new 360 VR cameras, as we are getting requests from commercial clients about creating virtual reality films. The technology isn't quite where we would like it to be just yet, but that's a good thing because it means we are ahead of the curve once again.

On the music front, my new band "O.R.B. (Outside Reality Band) now has regular rehearsals and the set list is growing with each practice. What you are hearing in the video is simply a rehearsal as we try out new parts and different ways of playing things. It's all coming together and there is a lot of excitement and momentum from all involved.

On the Fine Art and Fashion Front I continue to paint, and also just launched a new line of T-Shirts and other products inspired by imagery I created of NYC. I can really only finish 15 or so paintings per year as I am so dedicated to texture in my work, so I am psyched to have found some other ideas to work with for the Charlee Fine Art Fashion Line.

Jennifer also just started a personal project surrounding the concept of kindness and how it affects us all. Seems to us the world needs more kindness so it's a brilliant idea that can only be good for all those around us.

That's a wrap on this weeks creative mission... More to come in future chapters of Our Reel Life.

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Filmed on the Lumix GH4 and Lumix GX85
360 tests done on the Nikon Key Mission 360 Action Cam

O.R.B. (Outside Reality Band)
Charles Maring - Lead Vocals / Martin Acoustic Guitar
Bob Pallman - Bass / Emerald Guitars
Dan O'Keefe - Guitar / Fender Telecaster
Jay More - Drums / Noble and Cooley
Jeff Piscitelli - Lead Guitar / Gibson Les Paul

Our Reel Life is a Vlog / Web Series taking you behind the scenes of artists Charles Maring and Jennifer Maring of Maring Visuals, Charlee Fine Art Fashions, and Together In Style.



Charles Maring is a photographer and filmmaker at Maring Visuals, and a co-host / creator of the Together In Style talk show.