Charlee Leggings Are Pants
Charlee Urban Experiment Leggings and Paintings

Charlee Urban Experiment Leggings and Paintings

Charlee Fine Art transcends leggings into pants

I've been wearing leggings just about everywhere lately since the launch of our Charlee Fine Art Fashion line, and I have to say that I am loving them! What I adore about Charlee leggings is that they are sophisticated. They also have the perfect amount of compression, which means they lift in all the right places. Leggings have become a hot item right now for athletics, which is great because they are perfect at the gym and for my yoga classes.

However, until the Charlee line launched I wouldn't be caught dead wearing them out on the town because the patterns elsewhere that I have seen lack sophistication. With a lot of other brands the patterns are either too athletic, or too bizarre for professionals or business leaders. I need leggings that I can dress up for meetings and work.

Charlee's approach to leggings is different in every way allowing them to transcend the gym look. The patterns are bold, but they have a class and style to them because they are created from one of a kind works of art. I can go to work in tall boots and be professional in meetings, head out to Yoga after work, and then throw on a pair of heals and meet up with Charles for dinner. Charlee leggings just work, and they look great for most any occasion. 

Recently somebody said to me "Leggings aren't pants"... Until now, I would say they were right, but Charlee style changes all that. Creative, artistic, fashionable, and fun Charlee leggings are simply a cut above, and yes... They are pants!

The Outfit

Charlee Urban Experiment Leggings
Charlee Urban Experiment Scarf
Jacket by Express
Shirt by Express
Shoes by Aerosoles
Oil Paintings by Charles Maring (CHARLEE)

Jennifer Maring is a photographer and video artist that has made creativity a lifestyle, and is a lead contributor to the Together In Style Website.