Lumix GH5 Announced

Prologue teaser to the GH5 on youTube

The Lumix GH5

Lumix GH5 Development Announcement today at Photokina

Lumix GH5 Development Announcement today at Photokina

Panasonic Lumix just announced the Lumix GH5 today, and if you are a professional, amateur, or aspiring filmmaker you won't believe the specs out of this little monster of a camera. I thought I would post a little something to tease what is in development because it looks to be the future of the industry on many levels. No other camera maker is pushing the envelope this hard, and it's time for serious artist to take notice that Lumix is leading the way in specs and technology these days.

Turns out that many of the rumors are true even though many said it would never happen, so here is the rundown...

Internal 10bit 422

The biggest news for those that work with video formats is that the Lumix GH5 has internal 10bit 422 color, which means that artists will have the ability to work with billions instead of millions of colors. While this isn't all visible to the eye it does make creative color grading possible allowing filmmakers to push the footage further and create even more unique looks.

Slow Motion

Next up is the Lumix GH5's slow motion capabilities. We are talking 4K up to 60p in 10bit 422. This is great news for those of us who film a lot of slow motion work as 4K is going to equal a superior level of sharpness allowing us to have slow motion footage match the look of traditional 24p footage. We happen to create a lot of fashion shorts and artist stories around our clothing line Charlee Fine Art Fashions, so this is really big news for us personally because we often film in slow motion and pull stills from the footage for our website, blog, etc... Now we will have incredibly sharp stills coming out of the slow motion footage, which just makes everything that much better.

This is also great news for our clients that hire us to create films and photographs for their personal lives. Maring Visuals, our photography and video studio, films weddings in 4K, and captures stills at the same time. This allows our video team and photography team to work together in creating an even better product because we can pull gorgeous stills from the video doubling the opportunity of our team capturing the defining and best moments of the wedding day. It's also an organic backup to the days events because we so many options at our fingertips. 

6K Photo Mode

Another feature will be a 6K burst mode which allows users to pull approximately 18 megapixel stills out of the video footage right in camera. We use 4K photo all the time for capturing fast moving subjects, so this is just that much better.

Successor to the Lumix GH4

The Lumix GH4 has been our go to systems for filmmaking since it's release, and quite honestly there hasn't been another camera from any manufacturer that we felt competed. We happen to love the Micro 4/3 format, and feel that full frame is overrated. The amount of professional features, complimented by the compact size of both the camera body and especially the smaller lighter lenses make it the best camera we've ever used for both personal and professional work. 

So needless to say, this announcement was pretty big news for our studio and creative workflow today because it means we are going to be getting a camera in a class all it's own. Lumix seems to be pushing the industry to go further, and that is what technology is all about.

Other Big Lumix Announcements

Here are links to other big announcements by Lumix today...

Lumix G85

Beyond the flagship GH5 Development announcement Panasonic also announced the Lumix G85 another 4K camera that will come in at a lower price point than the GH5 touting some remarkable features including 5 Axis and Dual optical and in camera body image stabilization. 

Lumix FZ25oo

The Lumix FZ2500 is a hybrid compact camera that shoots 4K as well.

Lumix LX10

Lastly the Lumix LX10 was announced as well, which is a 20 megapixel compact featuring 4K video as well.


Charles Maring is a photographer and filmmaker at Maring Visuals, and a co-host / creator of the Together In Style talk show.