Weddings - The Getting Ready Moments 2

Video Produced by Maring Visuals

The Getting Ready Moments

Weddings are full of excitement, and the getting ready moments can be some of the most meaningful experiences of the day. In this episode of Together In Style Wedding Edition, Charles and Jennifer Maring share tips and advice when it comes to choosing a location to slip on that gorgeous wedding dress.

There is more to making this decision than meets the eye, and below are the tips we focus on in the show.

5 Tips for A Stress Free Wedding - The Getting Ready Moments

1. If you are getting ready in a hotel, make sure to ask if you can see the suite you will be getting ready in. This will help you see if the color scheme will compliment your colors.

2.  Choose a room with plenty of light. This is helpful for your photographers and filmmakers as it allows them to work more photojournalistically and unobtrusively.

3. Find a place to hand your dress, and pre-hang it before everyone arrives. Your dress becomes a centerpiece in the room, and acts as wedding decor, and is a great opening shot for your wedding albums and videos.

4. Lay out all of your details so that your photographers and video artists know it's meaningful and important. It also helps make sure you don't forget anything on the way to the alter.

5. Make sure you have plenty of space, and/or choose to also have the room next door for girls or groomsmen to get ready in. Sometimes having your own sanctuary helps keep you out of the stresses of others getting ready around you.

Charles Maring is a photographer and filmmaker at Maring Visuals, and a co-host / creator of the Together In Style talk show.