Teamwork - A Commercial Video Shoot

Teamwork - A Commercial Video Shoot



Teamwork is key, and when it comes to commercial video shoots it is imperative. Join us behind the scenes as we make our way into the city for a commercial video shoot that is filled with challenges to overcome.

1. First and foremost, we enter a room that blended natural light, incandescent light, and LED lighting to boot. So we had to choose between Tungsten (warm) lighting, and HMI (cold) lighting on the subject to make sure the room still felt cozy and real.

2. Yet, we had to light the subject bright enough to retain detail in a huge 4K LED theater screen playing footage. Any less light on the subject and the screen would have no detail, and less light and the room would be dull. The balance was key if we were to show off the screen and the product.

3. We had to find the right frequency to film at. The frequency of the screen vs. the LED lighting vs. the incandescent lighting. This is a big challenge these days as LED lighting often sits at strange frequencies, and so do home theater screens... If you aren't dialed in perfectly you have lines moving through your film from top to bottom, sometimes harsh, sometimes subtle, but either way unacceptable!

4. We would follow the script of the writer and the director who had a distinct vision of how this story needed to come off. So, we made sure to share the lighting and angles with the director on the monitor. We allowed him to do his job of directing and working with the actress to get her lines right. Patience would prove to be be crucial.

5. NYC audio! We would need perfect broadcast quality audio even though it was rush hour with traffic noise and sirens going off outside. We pulled that off with precision with remarkably clean audio in the end.

A lot of creative thinking goes into creating a short corporate or commercial film. From lighting, to audio, camera work, and more we take pride in the process. Inquire below to learn more about our filmmaking skills.


Charles Maring is a photographer and filmmaker at Maring Visuals, and a co-host / creator of the Together In Style talk show.