Tech Tuesday - My Mobile Photo Workflow

Tech Tuesday - My Mobile Photo Workflow

My Photo Workflow Reimagined

Lightroom Sync with iPad Pro Tech Tuesday

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One of the coolest apps on the iPad for photo editing is definitely Adobe Lightroom. Yet, how do we get images into Lightroom with ease to do the work... Well, my workflow has recently been reimagined thanks to Adobe Creative Cloud. So, for this LIVE Tech Tuesday I am excited to share my new workflow in photography via Lightroom Mobile, and the latest iPad Pro. I love technology when it makes our lives more interesting, and especially when it makes the work more enjoyable.  

The Apple iPad Pro is a remarkable tool for photo-editing, and Adobe Lightroom on the Desktop has been our go to software for quite some time. However, to be honest about it, I didn't understand the concept of Lightroom Mobile until recently yet have turned into an instant fanatic about it since picking up the new iPad Pro.  Join me in the art studio for a live discussion on how to sync images from Adobe Lightroom to the iPad Pro, iPhone, or any other iOS device so that you can take images on the go and get the work done in more convenient ways.  



Charles Maring is a photographer and filmmaker at Maring Visuals, and a co-host / creator of the Together In Style talk show.