The Power of Diversity

The Power of Diversity

How Experiences Create Fans

There is something to be said for experience. And, when you dedicate your life to creating experiences you realize that you want them all to be unique both for yourself and your guest of honor. Experiences are what make life more interesting, and they have the ability to foster our intellect, and shape our thoughts and ideas. Experiences can often shape our creativity as well, and they can even change the way we look at the world. Yes, experiences are powerful.

Experiences are what motivate myself as an artist more than anything else. In the middle of any given project whether I am painting a large canvas, photographing the love of a couple, in the midst of creating a fashion film, or performing a song on my guitar I am dedicated solely to that moment. I, as an artist am having an experience right alongside you, my client, friend, or fan. I want to experience our products and services the same way our clients do. That is to feel pride, confidence, or emotion both when in the moment serving, and when we are delivering finely crafted products. 

But, it goes beyond that. We've designed our studios, galleries, meeting spaces, and even our home to offer up a diverse range of experiences because we believe that both creative work and living environments help foster the process, and the end goal. It seems we aren't the only company that believes in this concept either. Apple, over the past few weeks, shared some insight and previews of their upcoming and highly innovative new campus with a statement that falls right along the same lines. Taking pride in your environment, and better yet making it creative, allows a space to give back to yourself, and your clients at the same time. Apple, is a technology company, which on the surface is not all that diverse. However, their products overlap beautifully, and somehow they manage to serve up a multitude of digital experiences for the end user. In that way they are remarkably diverse, and the experiences they provide have created fans that eagerly await each new product/experience that Apple seeks to provide. It goes without saying that it costs more to have an Apple experience, and yet people flock to the brand worldwide.

We recognize that this is the "Experience" economy, and have for some time. Our studio, Maring Visuals, is an art based company through and through... We focus on designing a diverse range of artistic experiences, each with an end product that is an experience in itself. All of our products and services overlap beautifully as well. And, while there are an endless number of photographers, painters, fashion designers, and musicians out there, what we provide is simply different from start to finish. We seek to create experiences that radiate creativity for everyone who comes into contact with our company. If we solely focused on taking pictures we would be no different from the rest of the industry, but by creating experiences that can only be had through Maring we end up with clients for life. 

Much like an Apple store is to technology... To walk into our studio spaces is to experience more than a photo session. It's an eclectic experience of fine art, sophisticated lighting, and camera technology coupled with a fashionable style of decor. Beyond what a client brings to wear, we have one of a kind original fashions to try on, be photographed in, or even purchase. We offer hair and makeup services, and even have a remarkable jewelry and accessory collection for our clients to choose from. Floor to ceiling expressionist oil paintings spark ones intellect, and make the spaces interesting to hang out in. Even the surrounding outdoor landscape we have designed, one tree at a time, gives it all a sense of privacy and with a lifestyle vibe. We take pride in our spaces and the experience of being in our studios and galleries, and that all equals up to an experience you will only have when you hire Maring.

The challenge we face as a small creative company is how to educate potential clients who call with the question "what does it cost", as if every photographer or artist in the world is an identical experience. As crazy as it sounds, our studio has become a source of regret for many that cut corners trying to save a few bucks only to realize what they missed out on when we are hired by their friends. We hear often the words "I wish I hired you to photograph my wedding, or portrait, but we just didn't realize the difference before the wedding"... One can't possibly understand, or estimate the value of working with artists who care and take pride in the experience they provide. Yet, sadly we can't protect people from themselves, and risk sounding rude if we try. Although we wish we could, It is just not always easy to express the difference when we are selling an invisible service. So, we rely heavily on verbal referrals from our past and current clients to spread the good word. Thank you to those who do!!!

As an entrepreneur a great product, and great service, are certainly cornerstones of any great idea. Without quality your days are numbered from the start. However, when you can provide a one of a kind experience for someone you create more than a client... You create a fan. Those who become fans of your experience come back time and time again, which is why it's also smart to concentrate the power of diversity in your experiences and/or your products. Quality products are only a part of what a great company provides, but experiences are what keep people coming back year after year.


Charles Maring is a photographer and filmmaker at Maring Visuals, and a co-host / creator of the Together In Style talk show.