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This has been such a creative week at our studio. We bought new live streaming technology that opens the doors to some amazing new services. We can now live stream to Facebook and YouTube along with other channels coming soon as well. We can do this in a studio, or on location at a wedding or a corporate event, etc... We can stream live concerts, new, ideas, and information. Also importantly we can share our ideas, expertise, and message with clarity in a very honest, transparent and real way. Lastly it is just so cool to me that we can be live and in the moment together, and with live chat, we can communicate!

Welcome to the web 5.0 Live Streaming is real, and it is meaningful! With that said, we have started on a journey of sharing in a brave new way. This week hasn't been without it's challenges. Any time you try something new, and push the envelope you will have failures, and yesterday that happened to me. My live audio feed kept looping itself on my stream, and I was LIVE, and had to figure it out. I handled myself as best I could, found a solution, and moved forward to the end. Luckily those in the Chat room were understanding, and cool. So today, I went live with the same segment and all went smoothly.

The point is that it is extremely important that we, as artists and photographers, create personal projects, practice in our own time when it doesn't count, and become experts so that we can deliver on our promise to clients. All the video you see here is us doing just that... Mastering our craft. Yes, we have the biggest awards under our belt, and celebrity clients who trust us all the way, but that's because when it comes to client work we don't disappoint! 

That brings me to this Live Stream about new technologies and cameras. Modern cameras are giving us as photographers and filmmakers new ways to capture moments and events. They are giving us opportunities to, not only be more creative, but to be thoughtful. Although I know it's going to piss off a lot of photographers who love their old school DSLR systems, but I can't really do anything more than to speak my mind because it is honest and very real. I think we we can use technology to give our clients a better experience, and help other professionals while doing so at the same time it's a win for everyone. We get to be cool, others get to create better products because we are thoughtful, and the couples we serve get to have a better experience.

I love to talk about technology when it really can make a difference, and I think the Lumix GH5 is a step in the right direction both in quality, and in mindset. The Profoto B1 is simply tremendous, and the way we use this tech allows our couples to enjoy their wedding, and get cover to cover imagery that is remarkable.

Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into how we capture weddings. I created it to educate, and make other photographers think about things a little differently. Of course it also transparently shares with other couples how we work as well, and our passion for doing things creatively. We will be live streaming often. In fact we would like to get one out each day when we can, and are working on a schedule. Hope you subscribe and join us on YouTube!

Charles Maring is a photographer and filmmaker at Maring Visuals, and a co-host / creator of the Together In Style talk show.