Vlog 43 Malibu in an Airstream

Vlog 43 Malibu in an Airstream


VLOG Chapter 43 Behind the scenes with Charles and Jennifer Maring

Filmed on the Lumix GH5

I've been writing a lot of songs lately, and I am still trying to work this one out. It's inspired by the beautiful light in Colorado where I lived for a couple of years, and flying over the mountains really brought me back to some beautiful memories. For better or worse I love making music.

We have been out in Los Angeles California creating photographs and films for the past week. We came out here to photograph celebrity party planner David Tutera's wedding, which is now published in People Magazine, with more to come in the next few weeks as well. We shot the wedding exclusively on the Lumix GH5, and I have to say that there are things this camera can do that I wouldn't try on any other system to date. More on this in future tech talks here on our Together In Style channel. We have to wait for all the exclusives to clear with the media before we can post about it.

We figured that since we had a long flight to get out to the west coast we would go out early, and stay a few extra days as well. The challenge we learned is that Malibu doesn't exactly have much in the way of hotels on the beach, and there was literally nothing available on AirBnB on the beach either.

So, to my wife's surprise, I took a chance and booked an air stream for a few days prior to our wedding, and all worked out beautifully well. The location was spectacular, the views were amazing, and we felt safe and comfortable. Our hosts really had the Airstream done up right, it was clean, and we had all the creature comforts one could ask for.

We spent our first few days working from the Airstream creating fashion films for our Charlee Fine Art Fashion Line on the Malibu beaches, and this chapter pretty much takes you through our first day in as we arrive in Malibu. You can catch our fashion films, all created on the Lumix GH5 as well, here on our YouTube channel. We create these so that we can fill our online store with videos that show how my dresses and clothing wears and flows.

More chapters will follow from Malibu, and downtown LA with a very lavish celebrity wedding, and a few days in Beverly Hills as well. We are on quite a journey, and just love that we have a way to capture it. Hope you enjoy our adventures, as much as we enjoy sharing them.

Peace and Love...
Charles and Jennifer



Charles Maring is a photographer and filmmaker at Maring Visuals, and a co-host / creator of the Together In Style talk show.