Wedding at The Waterview Monroe CT

Feature Wedding at The Waterview

Alex and Scott dance to their first dance during their wedding reception at The Waterview in monroe, ct

Alex and Scott dance to their first dance during their wedding reception at The Waterview in monroe, ct

Photography and Video by Maring Visuals
Wedding Location: The Waterview Monroe, CT
Floral Design: Flowers by Danielle
Getting Ready Location: The Heritage Resort, Southbury, CT
Brides Dress #1 by Badgley Mischka
Brides Second dress by Amsale
Wedding Cake: Creative Cakes by Donna

Having met in high school, and having been together for quite some time Alex and Scott's wedding was years in the making, and destined to be an over the top celebration. Between years of building up trusted long term friendships, and both having large families that were able to attend this was going to be an epic celebration to remember. Logistics are one of the biggest challenges that face couples when planning a wedding, especially when there are guests coming from all over the world. However, planning the wedding themselves with the help of their families, this couple made some very smart choices in the best interests of their guests as you will see as the story unofolds.

How we met Alex and Scott...

Alex and Scott came to Maring on a referral from very close friends of ours, and we have had many acquaintances with the couple and their families at parties and events over the years. Needless to say we were honored that they came to us for such a special day in their lives. Maring Visuals would handle both photography and video for the wedding, which we couldn't be happier about. While we work well covering one OR the other, when we get to build our A-Team to cover both there are incredible benefits to the couple which allow our photography and video coverage to shine. Great teamwork throughout all aspects of the wedding day is important, but especially when it comes to your memories being captured. This was a spectacular day, and below we share a few tips and details that we noticed added to the days events...

Wedding Film by Maring Visuals

Getting Ready...

The bride slips on her shoes amidst her dress and veil service as the perfect decor.

The bride slips on her shoes amidst her dress and veil service as the perfect decor.

Alex and Scott made the smart move of planning to get ready in separate rooms of the same hotel that was close to the location of the ceremony. In our experience it always works in the best interests of the couple when they choose to get ready in the same location, or at least nearby locations. This allows photography and video teams to cover both sides with ease and have all of their lenses and gear in one location. This adds to the creative options the artists have at their fingertips. However, it also goes further than that. Getting ready in the same hotel puts additional friends and helpers at your fingertips as well in case somebody has to run a last minute errand or go get the rings for instance...

The bride was spot on in that she brought 3M Command Hooks with her to her suite. This allowed us as photographers to hang the dress in a perfect location for photographs without the fear of damaging the walls. We now make it a point to carry these in our gear bag whenever possible.


WEDDING TIP.... Purchase 3M Command hooks. This allows the bride to hang her dress and veil in the perfect spot without damaging the walls. Your details are the ultimate decor for the getting ready moments.

guests mingle amongst living decor pre-ceremony

guests mingle amongst living decor pre-ceremony

The Wedding Ceremony...

Alex and Scott chose to have their ceremony and reception at The Waterview in Monroe, Connecticut. When planning a wedding with 400 guests your options become very limited in the CT area, but The Waterview can handle it with ease. The location is beautifully located overlooking a lake, and there is ample room for tables, dancing, decor, and even a separate cocktail hour. The food and service has also been acceptional each time we have had the opportunity to photograph and film here.

As luck would have it the weather was as perfect as it gets for the outdoor ceremony they had planned. With a large guest list, they couple need to find a location that could easily handle both a ceremony and a reception in the same location. The Waterview prepared an outdoor staging area for guests as they arrived, and the couple put thoughtful visuals and comforts into the pre-ceremony plan as well.

Wedding Tip... If you have a large guest list considering having your ceremony and reception in the same location. This really helps out guests who have to navigate to the wedding. Also consider having bus transportation so that large numbers of guests, or family and friend groups can easily arrive on time, and get home safely.

The Wedding Reception...

The wedding cake becomes a central decor piece and a visual for guests as they enter the room.

The wedding cake becomes a central decor piece and a visual for guests as they enter the room.

Cocktail hour would be equally unique. Cocktails would be served downstairs with a food spread that was as delicious as it was visually stunning. Ice sculptures, and living decor, complimented the conversations throughout. Upstairs a gorgeous and lavish ballroom awaited with family style long tables, a floating cake displayed on the edge of the room, high floral candelabras, and enormous chandeliers. The lighting was unique as well blending a warm candlelight glow with blue uplighting and stage lighting from the band.

WEDDING TIP... Think of your cake as more than something pretty and tasty. Placed correctly it can add to the visuals in the room and become a decor piece as well.

The room was so long that the Alex and Scott chose to have the girls enter on one side of the room, and the guys be announced from the other. As the couple entered to cheers of celebration they went right into a first dance. The evening had many special moments with something happening about approximately 30 minutes which is an ideal pace for keeping guests attention. Parents said a few words, the best man and maid of honor gave toasts, and they celebrated the night dancing to the sounds of the band right to the very end.

Alex and Scott's wedding went off without a hitch with a grandiose style celebration. Enjoy a short highlight film above, or peruse the photographs below for more visuals and details.

Photography by Maring Visuals

Charles Maring is a photographer and filmmaker at Maring Visuals, and a co-host / creator of the Together In Style talk show.