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Charles and Jennifer Maring

Charles and Jennifer Maring

We are seeking optimistic wedding experts, who are comfortable on camera, to be a part of our 2016 wedding talk show, and other wedding related stories here on Together In Style. We want to connect with wedding professionals from all areas of expertise who have successful businesses for more than 5 years, and who are also active on social media. Our content generally focuses on the middle to luxury wedding market, as that is our client niche.

Part of our dream is to create a place with best in class information, education, and entertainment for our clients as well as other engaged couples seeking to make the wedding of their dreams a reality. With 25 years of experience, and as artists sponsored by major lighting and video production companies, Maring Visuals has the tools and know how to produce high production value television content. We want to use these capabilities to inform, entertain, and spread the good word about wedding professionals who are focused on providing high quality services and products.

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