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Beam with optimism, and make each day count... Together In Style

Though many don't realized it, we are all witnessing a renaissance in modern art right before our eyes in which fine art, photography, fashion, music, and technology are all overlapping in a myriad of ways allowing artists to create and share like never before. Highly accomplished artists Charles and Jennifer Maring are at the forefront of that movement, and Together In Style is their playground for creative expression and exploration. 

The Maring's are visual artists who are creating and sharing on every level imaginable. Starting with little more than a dream, and a credit card, this husband and wife team has built boutique style companies that have garnered an International reputation for both their quality and sense of style. Read on to learn more about their accomplishments and how all of their skills fit together to create an experience that is unparalleled. You will never meet another couple like Charles and Jennifer Maring, and to work with them is to be immersed into the next wave of modern art. If you believe that investing in art is about having a one of a kind experience then look no further than the creative options provided by Maring.

Charles and Jennifer's photography and video production company, Maring Visuals, takes on private events, portraits, and commercial assignments all over the world with notable people with a range of personalities including writer Tom Clancy, David Tutera, Star Jones, Lil' Kim, JWoww, Glenn Beck, and even President Donald Trump and his wife Melania to name a few . The Maring's have won the grand award, and even chaired International Photography Awards numerous times over the years. The couple has also made several guest appearances on national television, and their photographs have been front and center of national news stories, and published worldwide on the covers and pages of magazines and newspapers.  Most certainly you know their work, even if you aren't able to place it at the moment. Charles and Jennifer are honored to photograph and film on projects of any size, regardless of budget, for those who are passionate about placing importance on the services they provide. 

Both Charles and Jennifer go beyond the word professional in their practice of art and style... They are known as experts in the art of lighting, camera, directing, and production often headlining as speakers at technology symposiums and photographic conferences worldwide. Maring has numerous sponsors for speaking engagements, who often cover the cost of expenses. If interested in having the Maring's speak in your area feel free to reach out to us.

Beyond the camera, Charles is also an accomplished fine art expressionist painter as well. His paintings are deeply textured and most of the time large in scale. Together the couple has used their photographic and printing skills to create a line of fashion based around Charles' paintings. Dresses, T-Shirts, Skirts, Scarfs, and even home decor products under their own label CHARLEE Fine Art Fashions are available online exclusively at www.ShopCharlee.com. All of Maring's products are made to order, yet delivered quickly, allowing Charlee to be a zero waste company. All of our products are also designed and printed in the United States or Canada.

The Together In Style Vlog is a space between it all where the artists share their artistic journey in exploratory fashion. You will find a web-series called Our Reel Life which is a reality show, that is actually real, created from real moments and random clips from behind the scenes of their artist lifestyle. Jennifer also shares from the heart with personal and family recipes from their Connecticut home in a cooking show here on the network. You'll find feature wedding stories captured by Maring at luxury weddings all over the world as well. Charles also shares digital and technology advice and tips on the latests advancements in camera and computing technology that the couple uses in their business and personal lives. And lastly, you will also get an opportunity to explore the art and fashion of this creative couple along with thoughts, musings, and ideas from the perspective of two artists.

Message from the Artists...

Thank you for stopping by and visiting Together In Style... We are a couple that is in love with the creative process. We love to share, educate when we can, and connect with others which is why we started this blog in the first place. We hope you will follow us in our journey on all social channels @TogetherInStyle including Instagram, Facebook, and youTube. Wishing you the very best life has to offer!