Dressed in a Carnival of Color

Bold Colors make women's dresses playful, and fashion should be fun.

I adore color because it's playful, and fashion sometimes fashion should just be outright fun. This particular dress that I purchased on sale at Bebe for $123.00 is a perfect example of playful fashion because it has a bold pattern, bright colors, and creative cuts, along with embellishments that make it a perfect storm. I love dresses because they are reasonable in cost as they are solo pieces.

When your bold, keep jewelery and embellishments simple.

This dress had a very embellished neckline, so I didn't have to think about a necklace, but because there is so much going on with it, I also kept jewelry to a minimum using a simple bracelet, and earrings, that my grandma gave me. Grandma likes to have fun you know!

Wedge heals keep you comfortable, and stylish...

The shoes were a great find as well. Lord and Taylor was having a big sale this weekend. They are Nine West,and are complimentary because they are bold in color. Wedge heels are also the way to go if you are on the move because they keep you comfortable.

I'm a woman who loves fashion, and having fun with it. This outfit let's me do just that. Be bold, and be yourself. Life is a stage, so have some fun with it.

Jennifer Maring is a photographer and video artist that has made creativity a lifestyle, and is a lead contributor to the Together In Style Website.