Newborn Photographs at Home
Newborn Portraits

Tips and ideas for capturing beautiful newborn baby portraits.

I consider myself very lucky to have many lasting friendships and relationships with my clients that go beyond the camera. While social media can be a time killer, it also lets us celebrate important moments together even from a distance.

Not long after we photographed a wedding for Nancy and Anthony, we noticed they were expecting. Like... Like... Like! So excited for them! We've been lucky enough to form a great friendship with this wonderful couple, along with several of their friends and family, who's weddings we have also photographed.

Even before their new baby, little Leo, was born we had starting chatting about ideas for his first portrait session. So, as soon as he came into the world we connected up, and they asked if we could take some newborn photographs. Excited to meet the new addition, of course we were thrilled that they turned to us. There is nothing more exciting about our careers as photographers than to be a part of our clients families, and often businesses as well, over the years. It's a priviledge to see them grow, and know that we play an artistic role, and to see their success and memories being captured.

As we talked about what Nancy envisioned, it became clear that I needed to suggest that we take photographs at their new home rather than in the studio. We make a lot of house calls for our clients. Today everyone is busy, especially new moms, and your own home is ideal for newborn portraits because it's a place of comfort for the baby. Plus, everything a new mom could need is right at her fingertips such as; blankets, toys, food, etc...

Dress is always key for a portrait as well, and while your photographing the baby, it's smart for mom and dad to be involved. For the parents I suggested they consider wearing something a little more fitted, so that their newborn wouldn't get lost or covered easily, which is always a challenge.

After walking around the house, and getting a feel for the light and location, I suggested we photograph in a couple of different areas. We started in the babies room, which was beautifully decorated, as is a lot of newborns, and it's often a go to for comfort. Secondly their own bed room as well which offered some great window light to work with.

A Special Moment...

Cartier Love Bracelet

Anthony had planned a to give a Cartier love braclet in celebration of this special moment. During the portrait session, Anthony disapeared as the Fedex truck arrived. Next thing you know he arrives with a beautiful gift of love offering a perfect photo-opportunity and a memorable moment.

I think we showcased how happy, and proud, they are to welcome little Leo home. I'm excited for them, and know that when they look back at these natural, in home portraits, they will be able to reflect on the beauty of this time in their lives.

Here are a few tips for planning a newborn portrait session...

1. Home is where the art is...

_Consider finding a photographer who's work and personality you enjoy that is genuinly interesting in photographing in your own home. Many studios are great as well, but being home embeds meaningful insight and memories in your photographs.

2. You will be busy... Plan ahead.

_Start planning your newborn portrait session prior to your due date. Last minute planning is no fun when you are a busy new mom, and newborns change quickly.

3. Fitted Clothes for parents...

_Babies are small, and one of the challenges you will face is making them dominate the photographs. So, wear fitted clothing that matches so the baby doesn't get lost in you.

4. Focus on Relationships...

_Focus not only on the newborn photographs but choose poses that showcase relationships, which give photographs a good feeling.

Photographs by Maring Visuals

Jennifer Maring is a photographer and video artist that has made creativity a lifestyle, and is a lead contributor to the Together In Style Website.