Early Spring Women's Fashions

Winter or Spring???

It's that strange time of year again for fashion...

Photography and Video by Maring Visuals

Spring begins this weekend... Yahoo! This short fashion film was shot at our home and photography studio in Connecticut, and as you can see we still have snow! But, the melt is on. So on this 60 degree late winter day we decided to get outside, make the most of it, and take some pictures. Early spring is a strange time of year that you have to dress appropriately for, but personal style should be fun so I pulled out a short Victoria Secret short skirt, and warmed it up with tall winter boot from Report Signature complimented by my trusty Hollister white winter hoodie coat and Chanel Sunglasses.

So excited for the warm weather to come!

The Outfit...

Skirt and Shirt by Victoria Secret

Boots by Report Signature

Sunglasses by Chanel

Coat by Hollister

Jennifer Maring is a photographer and video artist that has made creativity a lifestyle, and is a lead contributor to the Together In Style Website.