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An unscripted web show, starring Charles and Jennifer Maring, that takes you behind the scenes of their creative journey as a married couple who make their living as artists.

Although we hoped it wouldn't come, winter is finally here. We have been hit with a several snow storms and wild temperature fluctuations. One day we have -30 wind chills and the next it is 50 degrees. Today it's fairly warm though, and the snow is melting away so we are in good spirits.


Photographer Jennifer Maring in the studio photographing a vintage themed boudoir session

Photographer Jennifer Maring in the studio photographing a vintage themed boudoir session

Unless you run a photography business in a place with cold winters you wouldn't know how the weather impacts business. This is our down time at the studio, in regards to actually taking photographs. On the bright side it's wedding booking season, and 2016 is looking to be a big year for weddings as our schedule is already half way booked out.

In this episode you get a glimpse of some of our winter photography and video projects. Jennifer does a lot of boudoir photography, and Valentines Day is always a great time to give a fun and sexy gift. Our boudoir shoots are always custom designed, and as you will see this was a classy vintage themed boudoir shoot. Hair and and Makeup was done by Kristen O'Connor owner of Frenchie's Salon in Wallingford, CT.

We just wrapped up working on a music video and promotional piece with a long time friend and client Veronica Martel as well. Veronica is a beautiful talent, and her band is among New York's most renowned wedding and event entertainment companies as well. If you are looking for amazing entertainment for your wedding or event you should definitely reach out. You can visit her website here at


Fine Art Painter Charles Maring working in the studio

Fine Art Painter Charles Maring working in the studio

Our fashion store is coming along beautifully, and we anticipate launching in the next week, maybe two weeks at the most. If you have been following along you know that our first manufacturer went out of business just before launch, which left us holding the bag. However, we aren't ones to quit when the going gets tough! We immediately started making phone calls, researching, and getting samples from other manufacturers, and it turns out that this bump in the road was meant to be.

Our new fabric printer prints with much bolder colors, which are true to the paintings. It looks as though turn around time on the printing is also going to be faster, which means we can get the fabric into the cut and sew procedures quickly. This is going to cut several days off the process, which means you will get your garment quicker.

We have expanded our line as well. We will be offering dresses, skirts, leggings, capris, silk scarfs, and winter beanies to start. However, we are also working on T-Shirts, and home goods such as pillows, throws, curtains, duvet covers, and more. The future is bright! We are excited to share as soon as possible.

If you are interested in being the first to know you can visit and sign up for special pre-launch savings. We will be sending out savings codes to all who sign up prior to launch as a thank you.


Winter has been a struggle on the home front. Just getting rid of the Christmas Trees alone is a pain. Since we live on the outskirts of town our municipality doesn't pick up trees or rubbish like they do for other homes. So we have to find a way, and that way is usually to burn it in the fire pit. I have to say that a dry Christmas Tree goes up like gasoline. Something to keep in mind, and why you have to keep the trees watered no matter what!

Snow Shoveling

The snowblower has broken now twice. It doesn't help that I ran over a garden hose! That means I have to shovel the entire driveway each time there is a storm. As of today it still isn't working properly. I finally gave up and called Sears home service, and a tech is coming to fix it. In the meantime it means shoveling. 

You are probably thinking "call a plow man". Last year my plow bill for one weekend was $1300, and sadly we get massive wind drifts on our driveway from the open field. So, I end up snow-blowing the driveway several times either way. Welcome to the lovely New England lifestyle:) I say that with a laugh, because Connecticut really is a wonderful place to call home.

That's a wrap for Chapter 20 of Our Reel Life. Thanks for your love and support of our artistic dream!

Photography and Video by Maring Visuals
Charles and Jennifer are Lumix Luminaries
Filmed on the Panasonic Lumix GH4
Studio Lighting by Profoto



Charles Maring is a photographer and filmmaker at Maring Visuals, and a co-host / creator of the Together In Style talk show.