Lumix GH5 - Game Over

Lumix GH5 - Game Over

Lumix GH5

2017 is going to be a very creative year!

Lumix gave out all of their specs on the highly anticipated flagship camera, the Lumix GH5 yesterday, and what a list it was. Earlier in the fall of 2016 they announced that they would indeed be creating this camera, but many of the specs were left out of the announcement. Now that we have a full list I thought I would share a few thoughts and the rundown here on Together In Style and what it means for creators.

Personal Standpoint

The GH5 is the camera that changes everything! It's a pretty strong statement, but we know it to be true for us. From a personal standpoint the Lumix GH5 is our dream camera because we are individuals that are creating on a multitude of levels. We aren't just professional photographers, and we aren't just filmmakers either. We are modern artists who use technology to the fullest, and in this content creation, youTube, Facebook, Instagram driven age we seek a camera that allows us to put quality first, a system that allows us to get things done with ease, and one that helps us to be different from all others. The GH5 will surely help us on all of these fronts. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier as well. Panasonic / Lumix seems to understand that better than any other brand because they keep adding features that push the boundaries in camera bodies that are small enough to take everywhere without being obtrusive.

Official GH5 Spec List

Visit the Panasonic Website for more in depth technical information

  • 4K 24p in 10bit 422
  • 4K 60fps in 8bit
  • 1080p up to 180fps
  • Anamorphic 4K mode
  • 5 axis in-body stabilization
  • 20MP sensor 
  • 6K photo mode
  • Dual UHS-II card slots
  • LUT support in-camera with V-LOG upgrade
  • Optional XLR Hot Shoe Adapter
  • Big improvements in Low Light
  • Shipping end of March 2017

Game Changing Features and why they matter

The truth is, we can create on anything. We don't have to have all of the new features below to do amazing work. However, these are features that change the game because they make our lives easier, allow us to push creativity further, or they simply make the impossible now possible.

Optional Hot Shoe Adapter

While this probably won't make all the headlines, it is hands down our favorite new feature. Lumix has designed an optional hot shoe XLR adapter that communicates with the camera without wires. I am a big fan of capturing my audio in camera rather than to an external device. The ability to have a high quality mic, like our Rode NTG3 on camera, or on a boom pole straight into the camera will change the way we shoot and capture audio. Great audio is the key to every great video, so this is big news from our standpoint.

4K 24p 10bit

This is probably the most requested feature in DSLR or Mirrorless systems ever, and Lumix has decided to deliver it. 10bit = millions of more colors captured, which allows filmmakers to grade their footage for even more creative looks. Canon, Nikon, Sony have all failed to bring this feature to an affordable camera system, so this is extremely exciting news. 

4K 60p

We are so excited to see this feature show up because we film in 60p a lot so that we can get beautiful slow motion footage. However, it was always a catch 22 because we love pulling still images from our videos for our websites and client projects, and we often go to print as well. 1080p is just too small for a lot of our projects, so having 60p in 4K is a blessing. This is a big deal for those of us pushing the boundaries of imaging.

5 axis in body stabilization

A Resounding YESSS! The second game changing feature for us is 5 Axis (DUAL) Stabilization in a body with all of these other amazing features combined. We've been using the Lumix GX85, which has the first generation version of this feature and it literally changed everything. In fact we found ourselves shooting the GX85 more than the GH4 on a multitude of projects because without 5 Axis stabilization we needed a monopod, tripod, shoulder rig, or gimbal to get the shot. The quality of the 5 Axis from Lumix is remarkable! Hand holding long lenses is now possible for video!!! Get ready for your closeup!

Dual Card Slots

This is a welcome feature on every front. We can backup our data while shooting. We can also send our stills to one card and video to the other if we wish, which allows us to be more organized when we get back to our work station. Thank you Lumix!

In Camera LUT support with VLog

Vlog will be a paid update just like on the GH4. That is fine by us, as long as we have it! 10 Bit and a log profile is the cats meow because it is a tried and trusted workflow. RAW would be nice as a feature, but realistically I probably wouldn't use it often because it's just too time consuming. If you want to get projects out the door and meet demanding deadlines 10Bit 422 VLog gets the job done!

M43 Thank Goodness

This is controversial for some, but it's our preferred format for many reasons. A lot of people where hoping for S35 or Full Frame. Personally, I prefer M43 because if I want super shallow Full-Frame-Like DOF I simply use my fast Leica Primes. Yet, I get forgiveness when I need it at 2.8, which is great when I am on a gimbal and not pulling focus. The GH4 looked gorgeous at ISO 1600, and I had no problem pushing it to 3200 once in a while. The new sensor on the GH5 promises another 1-1.5 stops of gorgeous light, see the video below... 12500 looks fantastic when denoised, and I very rarely see myself shooting that high. Besides I am a pro! Extreme ISO means very little to me because I master my shots with creative lighting strategies. M43 also = smaller lighter lenses. I would rather roll with a bag full of gear and still be light than be weighed down by gear.

The Price

The camera body is $2000, which is mind blowing because it has more pro level features than some systems that cost over 10K. It's hard to imagine a better value proposition.

Game Over

For those of us that have been through the ringer in imaging, the GH5 is a huge breath of fresh air. I have a closet full of cameras from all major brands. I've tried just about everything at this point. However, there is really only one camera that I want for 99% of my work now, and that is the Lumix GH5. For us this brings to close the argument of "the right camera for the job" mindset we all lived with for years. Personally for us that means it's game over. 2017 is already shaping up to be a very creative year!

Below are a few more teaser videos by some other talented photographers and filmmakers.







Charles Maring is a photographer and filmmaker at Maring Visuals, and a co-host / creator of the Together In Style talk show.