A Glass of Merry Christmas - Eggnog Recipe

Video Production by Maring Visuals

Merry Christmas Eggnog Recipe

Merry Christmas is a cocktail that has been in my family for generations. It's a homemade spiked eggnog that makes sure that, anyone that partakes, has a very Merry Christmas. It's not that hard to make, but there are a few things you need to see to do it right. So, I created a short video to share the details.

My main tip is to make sure you wash your mixing bowl and utensils, and most importantly, keep them cold by simply cooling them with cold water for each step. This is the hit of the holidays, and since it is a punch it is self serving, which means you can enjoy your own celebration.


6 Eggs
3/4 Cup of Sugar
1 Pint of Whipping Cream
1 Pint of Milk
1 Cup of Brandy
1 Cup of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
1 Pint of Jack Daniels Whiskey
Nutmeg.... Preferably fresh

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eggnog Recipe

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