Trip to Colorado Vlog 56
Behind the scenes with Charles Maring and Jennifer Maring

Join us BTS on a creative journey at the start of our trip to Colorado. There is a lot of creativity pouring out of our studio this week. Charles' rock band is tightening up their set list, and they are starting to unveil new music, including this song "Old Friends", which you can see here on YouTube in full as well. New paintings of all sizes are in the works in the art studio, and new fashion samples based on the paintings have also come in. Thanks to Panasonic Lumix and Mike's Camera in Park Meadows, Colorado Charles has been given an opportunity to share and educate on the topic of photography to some small groups. Mirrorless cameras have literally changed our thought process as professional photographers.

With an illustrious 20+ year career photographing magazine covers, editorials, portraits, celebrities, weddings, and more we have witnessed a lot of camera innovations, but mirrorless has really shifted our view. When we were DSLR based we only really carried our gear for purpose, professional purpose that is... If we were DSLR based we would just carry our phone for personal work. Lumix cameras are so light weight and small that we we carry them everywhere, and we capture 100x more because of it. It makes capturing everything in front of you easy, including your own life story. This video, and the rest of our vlogs are a prime example of that. That's a wrap on this past week in our lives. Cheers, Charles and Jennifer


Charles Maring is a photographer and filmmaker at Maring Visuals, and a co-host / creator of the Together In Style talk show.