My Old Man's Guitar

My Old Man's Guitar


My Old Man’s Guitar

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As you know, we create on a myriad of levels. Some things we do just for fun, and other things serve as the way we make a living. Music is undoubtedly just for the joy of it. I love to write, and music is a way to look inward and yes be a bit vunlernarable. It’s also a way to practice the art of audio, which ultimately plays into the video side of what we do. Yes, it all overlaps somehow.

A little back story…

While I’ve lived in the Northeast most of my adult life, I actually grew up in the south. Mostly we lived in Texas and the Carolinas throughout my youth. I also spent a lot of time in South Carolina on my grandma and grandads farm, (my dads side of the family) and up in the Appalachian mountains in the far western corner of Virginia visiting my Mamie and Papau (My mom’s side of the family). So, needless to say I am a little bit country, and a little bit city in my ways.

I wrote this song a while back, and finally got around to self recording it here in the home studio. It’s a real story about a guitar that my dad passed down to me. As a kid I have fond memories of him playing the guitar in our living room. He would play and sing old country classics, and I would would spin around in circles until I got dizzy and fell down. I would lay there on the floor dizzy as can be and just listen to his voice, and the ringing of the guitar. It’s not a high end guitar by any means, and I certainly have superior instruments these days. But still, I pick it up now and then as it does have it’s own sound, and it’s a sound that takes me back to my childhood.

There is something very special about picking up a guitar that your dad played long after he is gone. I can feel the DNA on that guitar neck, and it is a gentle reminder of what matters in life. So, I set it to some old 8mm videos we have with some of the people who helped shape who I am today. Hope you like it…

Charles Maring is a photographer and filmmaker at Maring Visuals, and a co-host / creator of the Together In Style talk show.