Savoir Faire by Artist Charles Maring

Savoir Faire by Artist Charles Maring




The exploration of music, art, fashion, and photography makes for an interesting journey. We are always looking for creative new ways to express ourselves, and I thought it might be fun to unveil my latest painting with a complimenting song. Like all of my personal work, none of this was pre-planned. I just happen to finish this painting at the same time I was working on my music skills and writing this little ditty. Maybe since the art and music studios coincide the two genres are rubbing off on one another. Or, maybe it's just coincidence who knows... One thing I do know is that I can feel momentum, and know I am growing artistically each day. What more can I ask for?

Notice the how the iridescent paint I used in this work of art reacts to the color of light shifting in the room. This piece is even more interesting with creative lighting, which is something we can help you with in your home or office.

If you enjoy the song, feel free to download it below as well.

Savoir Faire

Savoir Faire is a large abstract expressionist oil painting by Charles Maring. Deeply textured, and colorful with hints of iridescent paint used give this work of art a one of a kind experience for the viewer. Size 70x84

Currently located in Maring's Connecticut Art Gallery, this piece is available for private sale with viewings by serious collectors by appointment.

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Charles Maring is a photographer and filmmaker at Maring Visuals, and a co-host / creator of the Together In Style talk show.