Sophistify - Our Reel Life Chapter 25

Sophistify - Our Reel Life Chapter 25

It's now fall, and we even had our first snow! We can't believe how the summer flew right past us. We have been capturing a lot of video clips of our life over the summer, but it's been incredibly hard to find the time to cut it together into an Our Reel Life Chapter.... But, here it is, we pulled it together.

We are on an artistic journey, and with the photography and video industries changing so fast we find ourselves seeking a new balance of professional work we produce for others, and personal work in which we create products and make them available. We are following our hearts, and doing the best work of our lives in many ways. It's an exciting time to be an artist, even with all the challenges we face.

Filmed on The Lumix GH4, GX85, GX8
Lighting by Profoto


On the Maring Visuals front it's been an amazing summer. We photographed about 20 weddings so far, and the season is still upon us. In fact we are gearing up for a big wedding this weekend in NYC at The Palace Hotel, and are excited to make wedding dreams come true for this couple. At the Connecticut studio we had one of the most successful senior portrait seasons we have seen in years photographing students from all over the state. Now it's Fall, and the holidays is our big push to the end of the year as now it's family portrait time. We always look forward to this time of year and seeing our lifelong client families. It's amazing how fast life moves and we are honored to be a part capturing, and creating, these meaningful moments and memories.

That said, and as most of you can imagine, photography alone isn't the way forward for us. We have already won the International Photography Awards, we already photograph the biggest weddings and assignments the world has to offer, and we speak on the International stage about a wide array of photography and technology related topics. That means we need to find new ways to grow artistically, and the writing is on the wall that it's time to push ourselves to create on even higher levels, which is exactly what we intend to do. So, when you see us moving in new directions certainly know that we are committed and honored to create photographs for your personal lives, this is a given. However, we can do that with such grace and ease that we are now seeking ways to challenge ourselves. We also want to bring you new ideas, and products so you will most definitely see our mission creatively evolving. The cool part is that this new mission overlaps with what we do at Maring Visuals in many beautiful ways.


Charles in the Photo Studio with his latest 6x7 foot painting.

Charles in the Photo Studio with his latest 6x7 foot painting.

With that in mind, Charles has been painting HUGE 6x7 foot expressionist oil paintings, which took a bit of bravery to go that big. We added one of the paintings to our studio, and it looks phenomenal. These paintings are ideal home decor pieces, and the more we add them to our own home, the more we realize how important art is. It's amazing how art increases "at home" experience. Now we are making the art part of the Maring Visuals studio experience as well, and using them for portrait backdrops. It's really sweet for our clients as well because everyone who visits now has an artful experience that goes above and beyond.

We have also been exhibiting the art and fashion in pop up galleries and group shows, which has been a lot of fun, and an incredible learning experience as well. To see the reaction on peoples faces when they realize that the fashions before them were created from the paintings is awesome. We are realizing that this concept has legs, so we are excited about how it all works together.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased clothing or other products from We hope you will remember us for holiday gifts which is just around the corner as wearable art is the perfect gift. We also plan on having gift cards available as well. Your support lets us know that we need to keep pushing, and allows us to continue this artistic process. It also pays for paint LOL, which in itself is a big help.

Thanks for watching, and we hope you enjoy jumping behind the scenes of our photoshoots and projects. Although we cut this together with random clips from our life in order to preserve our own family history, it's also fun to share when we can.


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Charles Maring is a photographer and filmmaker at Maring Visuals, and a co-host / creator of the Together In Style talk show.