Steam Train Style

A Fun Fashionable Date in Connecticut...

Dating is more fun with your loved one or spouse when you take the time to make it special, and dressing the part is half the battle. On a recent excursion with Charles we spent a Sunday afternoon driving around the quaint Connecticut River Valley countryside, and to make a date of it I booked us first class tickets on the Essex Steam Train.

The train runs out of Essex daily, and only lasts about an hour. You can take all day casual excursions as well and even board the Essex Ferry and spend some time on the Connecticut River if you wish. There is also a dinner train, but I learned quickly that you must book well in advance if you want to make dinner plans.

Stepping back in time and dressing the part made it fun, sexy, and interesting. When you dress up your mood shifts, and I thought this a great way to have a creative play date. In our usual fashion, we created photographs and a short video along the way, with details below. Enjoy.

Womens Fashions
Calvin Klein Fashions
Lytro Illum

The Suit...

Charles is wearing a custom suit by Michael Andrews Bespoke New York.

The Technology... 
These photographs were created with the Lytro Illum 3D camera with video footage created on the Panasonic GH4.

Jennifer Maring is a photographer and video artist that has made creativity a lifestyle, and is a lead contributor to the Together In Style Website.