Wedding Planning Tips

Video and Photographs by Maring Visuals

A few tips for a stress free wedding planning experience

Together In Style hosts Charles and Jennifer Maring sit down with wedding planner Stephanie Carmody of Trés Chic Events and have a candid conversation about planning weddings. In this episode both Stephanie and the Maring's share a few simple tips to help couples plan a stress free wedding.

Here are a few take away wedding tips...

1. Start Slow and Keep it Simple

It can be overwhelming when couples look at the big picture. The best way to start is to work on a few things at a time, and slowly evolve your plan. Small steps make the next logical step appear when it should.

2. Location Counts

There are so many unique locations to have a fabulous wedding. Think about the visuals that your location offers you and your guests. A city, beach, farm, castle, etc... offers visuals that a basic reception hall can't. These visuals become built in decor, and add to style to your photographs and videos.

3. Consider Lighting

Lighting can transform a room so if the budget allows consider hiring a lighting company. If you are on a tight budget then an abundance of candles can add charm and beautiful up lighting to your tables or ceremony.

4. Boots on the ground

If you are planning your wedding from afar consider a planner, or just having a close family member or friend do some footwork in your area and share their experiences. Having somebody you trust take on a few tasks can really your decision making in the long run.

Charles Maring is a photographer and filmmaker at Maring Visuals, and a co-host / creator of the Together In Style talk show.