Eyelashes and Hair - A Day of Beauty

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Eyelash and Hair Enhancements


Like most busy women, I don't spend nearly enough time on myself. However, as New Years came around I decided that I was going to take a day for myself and connected up with a girlfriend and we met in the middle visiting Lashdip in Middlebury, Connecticut. There is another location in Beverly Hills, CA as well for those on the west coast.

A few weeks ago at dinner we were discussing eyelashes with some friends and clients, and one of the women was telling us that, as she ages, she is slowly losing the beauty of her lashes. I also work with a lot of engaged couples, and brides will often ask me for advice when it comes to lashes as well. Of course the best advice comes with experience, so I decided to learn for myself, and see first hand.

First off, I am a photographer. Secondly, I have sensitive eyes, so I am always reluctant to do anything new that includes my eyes. However, Lashdip was a great experience, and there is a distinct difference in the way my lashes look and feel. I would recommend it for anyone who is considering getting their lashes enhanced or for those who are tired of using mascara.

Hair Extensions

I've always wanted full, long, luscious, beautiful hair. You know... The kind you see on Victoria Secret models! I've been trying to get my hair to grow naturally for some time now, and while it is slowly getting there, it isn't as easy as it once was. On a recent visit to Salon Nathaniel, in my hometown of Meriden, Ct, I was talking with Nate as he was working on my hair and he asked if I had ever thought of extensions... Of course it's crossed my mind over the years, but it's not something I would normally do. But, after hearing about "todays modern extensions", I decided to make a go of it. Again, now I can speak more educatedly about the experience, and share advice with my brides.

The extensions Salon Nathaniel used matched my hair color perfectly. It took two visits to get this done. One quick visit to figure out exactly the hair color they needed to find, and the second to put them in. It took a few hours to put them in, but nothing out of the ordinary for a day at the salon. I get headaches pretty often, so I was a little concerned that I would feel them pulling, but that isn't the case at all. For the most part, I don't even realize they are there except when I am curling my hair in the mornings and getting ready for the day.

However, I have to say that I have been getting complimented on my hair from all directions since I had the extensions put in, and my husband loves the new look to so it's a win / win. Normally I am a no fuss kind of girl, but now that I have experienced both Lashdip and Hair Extensions first hand I can truly recommend them for anyone who wants to change things up and/or have a day of personal beauty. 

Jennifer Maring is a photographer and video artist that has made creativity a lifestyle, and is a lead contributor to the Together In Style Website.