FAIRGROUNDS - OUR REEL LIFE - Web Series - Episode 8

FAIRGROUNDS - OUR REEL LIFE - Web Series - Episode 8

OUR REEL LIFE Web Series - Episode 8 "FAIRGROUNDS"
An unscripted web show, starring Charles and Jennifer Maring, that takes you behind the scenes of their creative journey as a married couple who make their living as artists.

Photography and Video by Maring Visuals
Filmed on the Lumix GH4

What's for Dinner

We needed a little down time after working hard to meet our commitments this week so we decided to take a drive towards the Connecticut Shoreline to find an early dinner. As usual, we have no plan, and are just going to wing it. Although there are some tried and true spots we know we can count on like Bill's Seafood in Westbrook, CT. They have some of the best seafood just about anywhere, and the baked stuffed Lobster is perfect on a cool fall day.

Seasonal Home Decorating

Jennifer has been decorating the front porch for fall, and it is really looking amazing. Part of what makes our house a home is seasonal decorations. It's also great for lifestyle driven photo-shoots that we do, and our clients really appreciate it. So, it's both work and pleasure, but somehow she finds the time to make it happen, and it makes a difference in our lives.

Art and Fashion

Charles is in the middle of a creative fashion project, which involves turning his paintings into high resolution digital images, remixing the paintings in Photoshop and then having the designs printed on fabric and sewn into wearable art. We have samples being sewn now, and are excited to see how these turn out. Assuming all goes well our goal is to blend art, fashion, and philanthropy together creating limited edition fashions, which are made to order, with much of the proceeds going to a good cause. Stay tuned as this unravels here on Together In Style.

The Durham Fair

The fall is fair time in the Northeast, and we live right near the Durham Fairgrounds. We love going to the Durham Fair, but if you catch the road into Durham coming from Wallingford at the wrong time you will most definitely be stuck in traffic for hours. We've been so busy with photographic assignments and fashion projects that I hadn't even heard that the fair was on. But, it turned out to be perfect timing as we ended up going to the Durham Fair, which was an unexpected surprise. The Durham Fair is great day or night, as it's a place you can just be who you are, unwind, smile, and have some fun.

After eating our share of fair food, we really needed to have a good dinner. The long hours we have been putting in means we haven't eaten well this week. So, we ended up at Bill's Seafood just as expected, and I did get that Baked Stuffed Lobster I was talking about. 

Charles Maring is a photographer and filmmaker at Maring Visuals, and a co-host / creator of the Together In Style talk show.