Weekend at the Standard - Check-in Night

Fun and Sexy Night in NYC.

Bored in our hotel room with rain outside. So we made the most of it with some images just chilling at The Standard High Line before heading out for a late night dinner at The Norwood Club. The Norwood is a private arts club to which we are members, that offers great meals, cocktails, and creative network of artists of every genre. We enjoy it because it's both professional and laid-back. It's a social club minus the pretentious vibe so dress as you will, be yourself, and come as you are.

Style is a personal thing that is incredibly individualized. There are times for dressing up, times for dressing down, and everything in between. Either way you can still have fun with it, and as a married couple going out late night in the rain, we hit the town with a bit of rock and roll attitude.

Here is what we are wearing...

Photography and video by Maring Visuals.

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The Poncho...
I adore this sweater Poncho by Ottodd'Ame because it's incredibly comfortable, simple, and has a rock and roll edge to it.

The Jeans...
Skinny jeans by Hollister. This are basic, but a great staple. You don't have to spend a fortune on jeans, just find a brand that fits well.

The Boots...
These are riding boots by Ralph Lauren. I am big on boots especially in NYC when it's raining. They keep me dry and comfortable but also stylish.

The Bracelets...
Just accessories I found at Express. Sometimes the simple things are the way to go. It's not how much you spend on it, it's whether it fits your personal style.

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The Jacket...
I found this throwback military band style Jacket at H&M. It's an oddity, but when dressing down and I need a jacket to throw over a T-shirt and jeans this is a go-to as it gives it a rock and roll edge.

The Jeans...
These 7 Diamonds jeans are a bit tight and sadly don't stretch, but their worn in enough that their comfortable. Kind of rock and roll with their tears and sheen, and just tight enough to work with the boots.

The Boots...
The boots are by All Saints. I dig the worn out look to their military style boots. You can get away with your pants tucked in or out depending on how daring you are. I prefer untucked with a rolled up pant, but it works either way.

The Gear...

The crazy looking device on the stand is a Defy G5 3 Axis Gimbal. It's a modern steadi-cam robot for cameras that makes it look like the camera is flying when filming. 

Dr. Dre wireless Beats on the table as well. Although they are a bit pricey, they are great tethered or wireless. For me that's great because they are now a staple in my camera bag for monitoring camera audio, or just listening to tunes on the run.

The camera is a Panasonic Lumix GH4. All the photographs and video in the post was shot on them. I dig the GH4 at the moment because it does it all including time lapse, 4K motion picture, 96fps slow motion, and produces gorgeous stills. The fact that it's mirrorless means there is less to carry, and we can roll out lighter.

Jennifer Maring is a photographer and video artist that has made creativity a lifestyle, and is a lead contributor to the Together In Style Website.