Arrive in Style - Wedding Transportation

Photography and Video by Maring Visuals

Wedding Logistics, Transportation and Limousines

There is more to wedding transportation than meets the eye. First and foremost there are logistics to think about, and not just for the newly married couple, but also for guests, and family members as well.

How you arrive to your wedding can be a statement of personal style and fashion as well, and it definitely does impact the way you feel in that moment, and reflects in your photographs and videos as well.

First let's cover logistics.

Plan for a Time Cushion

If you are hiring a transportation company to handle logistics there are a few things you need to understand. First, limo companies want to maximize their time for a good reason. Time is money to them, and on busy weekends their cars will be in demand. Therefore they often book more than one wedding or assignment per day based around the hours you need them. Make sure to keep a cushion on time, and pay the extra needed to have that cushion. It happens far too often that couples end up in arguments with drivers the day of their wedding because time is running out. Don't be left standing or walking, especially not on your wedding day.

Consider the Safety of Family and Friends

If you have the budget for it, consider the safety of your bridal party and friends. Weddings are a party, and typically involve alcohol. A lot of couples are choosing to hire bus companies to transport their loved ones, which we give a big thumbs up to just for the obvious reason of drinking and driving. However, if you are having guests stay at a nearby hotel, it's also smart to have a bus pickup guests for three reasons...

1. Everybody arrives at the same time.
2. Safety as nobody get's behind the wheel after a few cocktails.
3. The party lasts till the end because guests can't leave!

Now let's talk about style...

Consider your wedding theme

Wedding themes range the gamut from modern, to historical, to whimsical, to country, etc... Consider choosing transportation that coincides with the theme of your wedding. The video above outlines some of those ideas, and your wedding location or theme should be thought of when choosing how you will arrive.

Think of your car as a fashion statement

How you arrive says something about your personality. Think of it as more than just a way to get there, but rather a statement of personal style. Whether you choose to arrive in a pickup truck, a limo, a vintage car, helicopter, or by horse and carriage makes no difference as long as it fits the style of your wedding.

Post Reception Transportation

Don't forget to plan for transportation after the wedding day either. We photographed a gorgeous yacht club wedding years ago in which the bride and groom left the club by boat for a moonlight cruise as guests waived them on to close the wedding. A gorgeous and memorable moment indeed! But, after guests packed up and left, the couple arrived back at the docks where they realized they had no way home. The story ends with the couple riding in the back of a pickup truck to their hotel. Certainly a funny memory for the books, but not the ideal memory you want to have happen the night of your wedding.


Charles Maring is a photographer and filmmaker at Maring Visuals, and a co-host / creator of the Together In Style talk show.